CO2 and Environmental Control

Harley Smith, a pioneer in hydroponics, teaches how to create the perfect environment for maximum yield and supreme quality.  Harley talks about calculating carbon dioxide dosage and supplementation options for balancing out the chemical needs of the plants. Moreover, Harley also talks about ideal conditions including temperature and humidity controls and tips for growth dealing with roots, environment and water. 

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    CO2 and Environmental Control

    • CO2 and Environmental Control (35 minutes)

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Feedback from students:

I love this guy!

Really, I love this guy! I learn from him so much, and like me, you can see that growing plants and understanding them is his real passion! God bless, Mr. Smith, keep up excellent work!

Thanks, and respect!

Excellent lecture, and knowledge. Snazzy sideburns too ! Thanks, and respect.

This is where I learn and progress

He's a genius! He's like the David Attenborough of the plant world to me 🌎


Someone that knows what they are talking about,so many videos of folk who don't really "know" but rather relay information than speak from a lifetime of knowledge. Much obliged to you sir.

Harley breaks it down

These are definitely advanced videos spoken in a way even the beginner can understand.

Mama says...

...always listen to a man with mutton chops

I love watching these lecture videos

Thanks for letting us in on all of your research! I'm trying to put the Amino Acid + Calcium combo to work in my veggies, and am already seeing thicker stems than in the past.


You know what I've always loved about Harley's teachings, he's NEVER GOTTEN TO THE POINT WHERE HE'S STOPPED LEARNING!

Fantastic lectures

Fantastic series of lectures. If only my biology and chemistry teachers had been as good as this guy I might have actually learned something in school lol.

Easy to understand

Great videos...makes it easy to understand, a true teacher!

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