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For the first time, Harley's classes are available online. Plants thrive in certain types of conditions and environments, and with these classes from world-renowned plant specialist, you can re-create these conditions anywhere.

Harley Smith Master Grower's Full Course - Save 30% Purchasing as a Complete Package

What students are saying...

"Everything in Harley's advanced growing course is well worth the money. This is something that will last you the rest your life and help you eat higher quality food & grow higher quality herbs - helping you learn how to strengthen plants defense system to avoid diseases, heat shock, cold and frost shock, etc. I've grown strawberries right into December after the advanced school class. They were sweeter and the plants were semi-immune from snow and frost. Harley is a great teacher a great friend and his classes are fun. I plan on signing up again and buying all the materials. I've been doing it for about seven years. Man I am growing some excellent vegetables, I don't hardly go shopping anymore." -Rob