Nutrient Management Package

Harley Smith discusses fertilizer management along with how to increase root growth, when and why to use various macro and micro elements; in addition to the benefits of using enzymes and cofactors.  Harley also discusses balancing of these elements to optimize growth along with using chelators to get the most out of each plant.

Harley Smith, a world-renowned expert in organic bio-stimulants, describes how to maximize growth and how to optimize plant nutrition using organic bio-stimulants.   Harley Smith will talk about how to grow plants with an increased resistance to disease, along with how to increase yield without having to sacrifice on plant quality.  In addition, Harley will discuss which beneficial elements plants thrive on and how to decrease stress and increase nutrition uptake in plants.   Furthermore, Harley will also discuss which extracts and acids are beneficial to improve plant characteristics.

Harley Smith will educate you about microbial inoculants and compost teas to aid in the uptake of nutrients in the plant.  Harley will touch on topics such as: bio-stimulants, micro-organisms, beneficial fungus, B-vitamins, amino acids, chelators, hormones, compost teas, and microbial inoculants in order to grow plants with superior characteristics.  In addition, Harley will also teach you on how to create high Brix plants to increase yield and quality.  Moreover, Harley will also talk about key players in root growth and nutrient uptake.

Total Video Time: 100 minutes

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Nutrient Formulation: Precision Fertilizer Management

    • Nutrient Formulation: Precision Fertilizer Management (27 minutes)

  • 2

    Organic Bio Stimulants

    • Organic Bio Stimulants (40 minutes)

  • 3

    Microbial Innoculants and Compost Teas

    • Microbial Innoculants and Compost Teas (33 minutes)

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Nutrient Management Package